Little Rock Bible Ministry

The Little Rock Bible Ministry (LRBM) is a community devoted to the learning, understanding and sharing of the Word of God.

Vision of LRBM

To establish a community of intentional disciples where every member pursues an intimate, personal, sanctifying relationship with Jesus Christ and lives the mission of the Church.

Mission of LRBM

To facilitate members and parishioners to become intentional disciples through the study of the Word of God and the teachings of the Church.

Its Goals are to enable God’s people to receive the following:

+ richer understanding of the Bible;

+ richer appreciation of the faith tradition of the church;

+ strong understanding of the connections between faith and life;

+ deeper, more personal relationship with God;

+ stronger sense of family faith and prayer;

+ wider social concern and desire for service; and

+ fuller experience of Christian community.

St. Mary’s Little Rock Bible Ministry was formerly known as the ‘The Little Rock Scripture Study’ (LRSS). It was formed in February 2004. Over the years, the Ministry has conducted various bible studies under the Little Rock Scripture Study program, namely ‘Introduction to the Bible’, ‘Lands of the Bible’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Acts of the Apostles’, ‘Infancy Narratives of Jesus’, ‘Passion & Resurrection Narratives of Jesus’, ‘Gospel According to Matthew’, ‘Letters from Prison’, ‘Job’, ‘Book of Psalm’, ‘Israel’s Story’, ‘Gospel According to Mark’. In 2009, the Ministry introduced the Great Adventure Study program and from 2009 to 2011, conducted bible studies such as ‘A Quick Journey through the Bible’, ‘Book of Revelation’, ‘Gospel of Matthew: The King and His Kingdom’. Besides conducting these bible study programs, the Ministry has organized numerous activities such as group fellowship and pot-luck gathering at the end of each program, bible talks and forums, bible exhibition, nature-walks, social outings, Sunday Gospel sharing, retreats and monthly rosary. In addition, the Ministry has also organized and participated in social out-reach programs for the aged and needy in the parish community.

If you wish to find out more about the LRBM, we welcome you to contact:

Raphael Phang (LRBM Co-ordinator)

Michael Arteche

Evelyn Ling